Friday, December 13, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Happy Retirement Hensrule!
Saying Goodbye is hard enough when you've enjoyed working with folks; but most times, the person doing the leaving will still be seen around town, or home, in the marketplace, at church, etc Then, you've got those that leave and go elsewhere--really do retire! Then, you realize that life is changing! For Real! We threw a party this morning for one of our favorite employees! I do know that life here will never be the same! We'll miss you! No, I'll miss you dreadfully! Yes, we'll still be blogging, and facebooking, swapping recipes and craft ideas! But you won't BE HERE! We've had two retirements this year! Man! That's Hard! New faces will be here, I'm sure, and we'll get to know them and learn to work with them; but let me tell you right now, new folks--whomever you are--you got some mighty big shoes to fill!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Getting Creative

I've been getting creative with paper; from the ideas off Pinterest, and scraps of anything I've got! So, found these cute little house designs for creating some tiny houses out of printables found on Pinterest! I made a couple for a display in the kitchen here in the library--they're so easy! You just print them off, cut them out, fold them on their fold lines, glue and put together! Voila! It's done. I'm going to see if I can create me a tiny walkway for them to sit on, from some candy designed scrapbooking papers and make me a little village! Then, maybe I might get creative over the months of winter (as long as I have a heater at my feet) and create some tiny houses and stuff made out of felt--saw this too! Reminded me of when I used to create all the time!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa's Watching You

Santa is watching you!
And, I guess it's least if it's not Santa, it'll be the 'elf on the shelf!

Take a look at your Christmas tree and see who is peeking from the branches--after all, we seem to be a very visual generation these days--once, as a young child, all my daddy or mother had to say, is 'Santa's watching you' and I believed in the magic! I didn't have to see him or hear him or feel his beard, to know that he was definitely keeping up with me! Whatever I was doing, how I was acting--you can bet that He WAS WATCHING ME! My EVERY MOVE! Mama and Daddy didn't need a silly little elf--though I still do have one that made its' appearance many years ago--not just one of those 'elf on a shelf guys' either! Santa Clause was always in our household--thru the long winter and short springs, and long, hot, dry and humid summers! He was always keeping an eye out and probably a hand over our mouth!