Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!~

My goodness, where has the time flown!? It's New Year's Eve here in Southern Alabama--a chilly end to the year of 2012! A wonderful Christmas spent with my children--and grandchildren, sisters, nephews, and families. We enjoyed being with Mama at her home, and next door at mine during the Christmas holiday, as it extended past into the weekend. Hated to see my kids leave--it was so nice to have them all at the house, sitting around the supper table at the same time!
I'll post some pics later today of the family gatherings, I hope! A clean slate, a New Year--Happy New Year to you all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

7 days and counting! Oh MY!!

I've simply not had time to scribble much lately!! But I've wanted to, and I've missed all of my blogs I follow so very much! I promise to get busy after the holidays--maybe! Christmas is coming--such joy! Joy and Promise! I love decorating for Christmas--putting up beloved Christmas decorations that bring a delighful smile to my face--memories of the children all being at home, tucked into bed at night, sugarplums all..seeing their faces on Christmas mornings--riding a new bicycle or playing with a new doll--the time sure has flown past--now I watch for the joy on little ones faces again, but these faces belong to grandsons! I hope each one of you find your Christmas JOY!! Let us celebrate the true meaning of Christmas--when Love came to us in the birth of our Savior! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Twenty-two Days and Counting

Over the last month, on facebook, we'd been stating thanks for each day of November--it was interesting to see what mattered most to us. Most of us seemed to be thankful for God, our health and our families; our jobs & friends; and so much that goes on everyday around us. In doing this, I'd posted my last Thankfulness for the month, and realized how truly blessed we have been. I decided to start something myself--it was 24 days and counting when I thought to myself, what can I do to make each day "count for something", so that's where the idea to do something every day to 'count for something'--whether it's for yourself or someone else--make that day count!
Over the weekend, instead of doing some things I needed to do, I found myself decorating a couple more trees in my old country farmhouse! I decide to take a snippet of a tree--the top of a large one--that was in the garage attic--and decorate it for my kitchen--I'd always wanted one in the kitchen! I'm definitely not through with it, but placed some tiny graters, some spoons, and cookie cutters on it so far. Take a look and tell me what you think--it's only about 4 ft but I placed it in my pickle urn, surrounded it with lights and topped it off with a couple of wooden utensils tied in ribbon. I love it!

Since I was having so much fun, and had other ornaments that didn't belong on the kitchen tree nor the Santa Tree; I decided to find me another tree--so found the one that used to be out on the front porch, in a little decorative urn, and found the perfect spot for it, plus the perfect theme: Music Room Tree--it's on top of the piano in the front foyer and is in perfect harmony with everything there! It is a joy to play the piano and see the twinkling lights; the musical themed ornaments; the cardinals too! I'm planning to roll some sheet music and use it too! See what you think of the Music Room Tree! Come sing Christmas Carols with me sometime!

The Clarinet possibly belonged to my sister, Maureen--as we all three played Clarinet in the EHS Marching Band--along with the tree and the clarinet is a crystal bowl filled with ceramic 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments; and a reproduction violin; hanging on the wall is a framed photo of a covered bridge and the sheet music, "Amazing Grace", my favorite hymn; and a photo of the EFUMC church back in the days of the hitching posts. It's so much fun to decorate every room in this old country farmhouse--just so you can experience a bit of Christmas Magic wherever you find yourself!