Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Letter to my Mama

The year 2015 has been a hard year, in my viewpoint--it was another year of healing in regard to our Mama's death in January 2014; and still so much to get thru in the grieving process; things we all three had to learn how to do without Mama at our side--we had leaned on her heavily since Daddy's death--and don't think we realized what a gap there would be without her at our beck and call. She was always there for each of us--no matter what we needed--if it was a pound cake, a making of fudge, date & nut bars; or come hither to help me do such and such--she was right there! If I wanted to go wandering around, she was always game to go! She supported each of her grandchildren in any and every endeavor they undertook; same with her girls; and even with her great grandchildren when possible! Mama was right there in every church function--serving as assistant in the kitchen on 'her' Wednesday Supper Nights!; Sunday School; Wednesday Night "Pie-Eating" as she referred to it; Worship Service every Sunday at 11:00 AM. Sunday School potlucks and parties; hosting them when she could; having or hosting lunch for her Sunday School teachers, particularly Mrs. Willene Johnston Whatley! Boy, those ladies loved gathering around each other's tables! And supping together! Sharing and swapping recipes; stories--and oh how we enjoyed reading her stories that she wrote down! Family Reunion times would come around, and she had so much fun being with her Beasley Clan! Though it was awfully hard to do, that first year after she'd passed away, I hosted the family reunion and we had a blast--in her memory! It was tough, but she would have wanted us all to gather--and we did! And the tables were laden with food! So much food! And memories were made! We thought of you lots, Mama--every day, I think of you! I think about you and Daddy, and how blessed I was that God chose you as my parents! What an awesome legacy you left behind, Mama and Daddy! Mama,this year, 2015, so many changes--and yet, things seemed to stay the same--the children were growing, and spreading their wings a bit more--your youngest grandchild has learned to drive, gotten his permit and now, license, and can go back and forth without his Mama, your youngest daughter. We divided up some household belongings, and I bet you'll be glad to know--that we did it without any squabbling! The firstborn daughter decided she would like y'all's first dining room suite--the Duncan Phyffe set--I was pleased about that--and the fact that she appreciated the American Fostoria pattern that we loved so much! I am hoping it will all bring her great joy; as she loves entertaining as much as the rest of us! It will indeed be a treat for her, and her friends, as they gather together to celebrate this and that! As I moved around and discovered 'old things' in the house, I would come across things that meant something to each of us, or the grandchildren--and I've 'saved' those, Mama, to give to the children at an appropriate time. I think you'd like that--you and Daddy, to know that they each wanted something of yours. Even your friends, Mama--wanted scraps of memories--like a recipe written in your handwriting; or some small memento of times spent with you. Uncle Mel, your sweet brother, misses you very much! We've stayed in touch with him, celebrating his birthday with him; visiting him at Easter, and other times when possible. He came to the family reunion, and enjoyed seeing so many celebrate with him: the meaning of FAMILY! Another event that occurred to cause sadness was when my best friend, Shirley Parker Taylor, passed away unexpectedly in the fall of this year-it was awful, just awful. Not a day goes by that I don't remember something we'd be doing this time last year, or some story we'd share; or I might be doing something and start to call her, and remember belatedly that she wasn't here to talk to. She stood by my side so many times in the past--always there with a smile or a comforting hand to let me know how much she cared! She once said to me, that with both her parents gone, how being close to mine helped her so much! I'm so glad you and Daddy were always welcoming to our friends and their children! Mama, this has turned into a letter to you--I've talked to you often--verbally--and in my heart--and I know you're there--because I feel your presence every time I talk to you. I don't have to visit the cemetery to talk with you, though I do it there too--sometimes, like when we were little girls, and would get sick, and just cry out 'Mama'--sometimes I do that still--and instantly I can almost feel your hand on my brow, smoothing back my curls and saying 'it's going to be all right, all right' and I know it's true. I sometimes feel renewed strength even when I'm feeling weak, Mama, and I know it's because of you. Christmas is just around the corner, Mama--in just a few days, it'll be your favorite time of year! The children and grandchildren will be home, Mama--and squeals of delight and laughter will fill the house again! I'm ready! No, not really--not ready materially, but ready emotionally for having some voices rather than just my own to fill the home you and Daddy made for us! As usual, I've still got boxing and wrapping to do tonight! And even last minute shopping details to take care of tomorrow and perhaps even on Christmas Eve! I really do hope that some of the kids will be able to go to the Christmas Eve Service at our church! That's another thing, Mama, I meant to share with you--though, I kind of think you already know! I've started being more active in church again, Mama. I haven't started attending Sunday School yet, but am going on Sunday mornings, and well, 'Grace' here, is singing in the choir again, and having lots of fun! And I remember what I was taught so well, if you sing on Sunday, you practice on the Wednesday before--if you don't practice, you don't sing! Well, Anita makes sure that we practice and sing! Other than when I was gone to NC and afterward, sick with a bad sinus infection, I've not missed any! We had a beautiful Christmas Cantata and program a few weeks ago--several times during the preparation of it all, I thought of you, Daddy and me sitting in the congregation listening to the choir. What precious memories for me! We went caroling last Wednesday evening--it was so special to be included in that special time--I remembered so well what it meant to you when 'your' church choir came caroling that last year for you! I cry every time I think about it. As a matter of fact, I still can't sing "There's a Sweet, Sweet Spirit in This Place" yet--because, well, Mama, remember how you and I sang it that last week that you were here? We were listening to your gospel CDs and one of them went off, and we started talking about Jesus--and how blessed we were to have him for a Heavenly Father--to look after us. I reminded you that you and Daddy had brought us up to focus on Him in our time of need--our time of joy--anytime--and how sweet it was that we'd had you both as parents, and that we'd be okay. And you mentioned that your Daddy, your sister Delana, had been visiting you just recently--and knowing that both of them were in Heaven, I knew then, that it wasn't going to be too long--so we just started singing that song, and you hummed along--it was indeed a very sweet, sweet spirit in that place--right there in your bedroom, Mama. Writing this letter to you today, Mama, has helped me, as it always does--I feel your sweet spirit right here with me, as I type these words, and reflect on this past year. I'm hoping that this Christmas will be one of our brightest and best in a while--and we can look forward to new beginnings and love in the New Year! Merry Christmas in Heaven, Mama and Daddy! Love you!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sasser Family Research

I've been working on my family tree lately--whenever I get the chance. For instance, right after I returned from the native land of NC where both my family lines of Beasley and Sasser originated from, I began in earnest to do some much needed research. You know, how we read something and even though we've read it ten thousand times before, it's all of a sudden like a light bulb goes on and you REALLY READ IT and SEE WHAT IT SAYS!! As if you're seeing it for the first time! So, in researching Benjamin Sasser, who was reportedly born in Somerset MD back in the early 1770s, I looked again at his Rev War Pension Record where he states very plainly that he was born in Dobbs County North Carolina. Dobbs County which is in existence no more, but definitely was during the time of his life. If he was of firm mind when this application was taken, you'd think that of all the folks, He would KNOW where he was born! He also stated in his application that this information was recorded in a family Bible that was in the possession of his son, Frederick Sasser. So, I began to research online and in the books that are in my library here, for anything to indicate that our ancestor, Benjamin Sasser, was indeed born in Dobbs County NC instead of Somerset MD...and I believe I'm on to something. I've joined WikiTree to upload our family info there, in hopes of networking with other Sasser descendants. Now, if I can talk some of our SASSER guys into DNA testing, perhaps we'll see if we can link up and find out if our Sasser came from Germany, or elsewhere! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I keep saying I'm going to keep this blog active; and then, BAM! Life Happens, and it gets away from me, and it's been weeks since I Posted! Too much busyness, I guess! I mean well, seriously, I do! No one reads it much, though, except me! So, guess it really isn't making a difference--life happens!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Seasons: Growing and Changing

Been a difficult past few months~~ lost a very dear sweet friend~~ a friendship I've cherished for many, many years~~ I have barely imagined life without her~~ every single day I think of my sweet friend Shirley who had always been there, a phone call away, for me and so many of our 'co-conspirators'! We have grieved, we have laughed and Lord Yes, we have cried so many tears mixed in with the jokes, the remembrances, the stories~~ it's been so terribly, terribly hard to go thru a day without sunshine--because that was what her friendship to all of us was like! Pure Sunshine! Losing my Mama a year and a half ago was so hard--it's taken me this long to get thru a day with out shedding a tear--and now, mourning the loss of the one who stood beside me then, she's not here! Like losing Mama all over again--but the one I cried to then is the one I'm crying after now! I'm working my way through it, in sharing her stories, her laughter and her love that she always shared with each of us. I'm trying to be a better friend to others, like how she was to me and to our mutual friends. I'm trying really hard, Shirley Parker Taylor, in your memory, my sweet friend. Work has been busy, and that's always a good thing. If one keeps the hands and mind busy, you manage to get thru more days a lot easier, I believe. Getting the genealogy and archives room here at work ready for the Harvest Season is always a joy to me--simply because FALL is my Favorite SEASON!! Yes indeed! I love the crisp fall air, the falling leaves, the muted colors, the oranges, browns, golden hues, burnt reds, and muted greens of every living thing. I love the scent of the Sweet Olive in the evening air; the sound and sights of the birds as they hunt for the seed pods and berries drying on the vine; the sights of the squirrels in the pecan trees as they get my green pecans--yes, even then! They chase each other round and round--and sometimes I catch sight of our rare albino tailed squirrel! Listening to the woodpeckers as they drill holes in the hollow trees, looking for grub and laugh out loud when I hear them trying to peck a hole in a metal pole! The fall asters, sunflowers, late lantanas always bring out the late arrivals of hummingbirds and butterflies. Scarecrows and hay bales, and pumpkins begin to appear on doorsteps, entry ways, mailboxes, and porches all around town and even out in the countryside. So much fun to decorate this time of year!
Historic Downtown Evergreen is getting into the decorating mode for the upcoming Annual Sausage Festival! Our guys have gotten really creative with some of the displays and I hope everyone compliments them on these cute displays! Joy Wilson has helped with the decorations, along with Cherrie Gladwell and these ladies' business establishments can really make your shopping list get shorter, because they have some wonderful gift items for anyone on your gift list! So, shop Joy's and Cherrie's in historic downtown Evergreen this Holiday Season!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Sherry's Scribblings: Pocket Pal Letters

Sherry's Scribblings: Pocket Pal Letters: I finally completed my first pocket pal letter--my first effort paled in comparison to the one I received in a swap! I swapped with a girl l...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Pocket Pal Letters

I finally completed my first pocket pal letter--my first effort paled in comparison to the one I received in a swap! I swapped with a girl living in Canada, and she decorated the front and back of her pocket letter! I'm showing the front and back of hers, and mine that I sent her from Alabama! I'll do it again, when the temperatures are too cool for me to be doing anything else outdoors!

Fall into cooler temperatures

Fall is my favorite time of year, for the cooler fall temperatures, for the house décor, for the idea of harvest...for fall football games, delicious apple and pecan recipes, and even sleeping under a light quilt! Brings back so many wonderful memories for me! Hope it does for y'all too! Wanted you to see my mantel scape I've created on the stone mantel.
Last year, I decorated my mail box post; and I'm looking for a stand of dried cornstalks to do that very thing--may have to get out on the back country roads and do some wild, dried stalk collecting!

Celebrating a Monumental Birthday!

Late August, my elder sister and I traveled to Mobile to help celebrate our Uncle Mel's 99th Birthday! What fun we had gathering with our cousins and their families! So much joy, laughter and tears, even, as the Birthday Bear that our sweet Mama had purchased for Maureen so many years ago, sang Happy Birthday to Uncle Mel (Mama's brother) and his eyes just watered and so did ours! A month earlier, we had celebrated his birthday at the Family Reunion--had had birthday cake with all his relatives that come out to the reunion. Many of us gathered again--smaller number--to celebrate with him in his home on that Sunday afternoon. Here are some pix of the day!

Monday, August 31, 2015


My precious 'furbaby' has really enjoyed having a new groomer, I believe! She now goes about once a month to see Mrs. Jennifer Black Morrison, and gets her 'hair done'! She still isn't thrilled to have her pedicure, but at least, she's getting a tad better! This time, Ms Jen managed to get a bow in her topknot, and though it'd pulled out part way, Mimi managed to keep it til early the next morning--Mimi said it was like trying to sleep with rollers in her hair--she wasn't having any of that! Ha! I think she's a cutie, myself! My kids say that she's so ugly she's cute! She's mine!

Fall Preparations

Getting ready to welcome fall at my home. Just like the squirrels gathering their winter fare, and securing their nests high up in the pecan trees around the home, I'm 'nesting' as well. Exchanging summertime décor for the fall décor; pulling out my pumpkin themed décor, burlap, twigs, candles, and what have you. Purchased a new front door hanger, and realized as I hung it, the front door paint looks a bit tired. Think I might have to find a new color to greet front door folks--it's directly in the hot sun on the street, so has to be a color which will stand up to the hot sun all year long.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Genealogy and History

I do a lot of both genealogy and history--as a profession and as a hobby! Thank goodness I enjoy it! Because I certainly was busy with it all weekend! I'm not complaining! Just haven't had time to post because I've been so busy! Hope your weekend was great and you are enjoying a productive work week! And now, I must get back to mine!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Weekend! Is HERE!!

The weekend has arrived; and I'm at work! Ha! No problem! I'm doing some catch-up reading and filing, and now, writing a quick post! No major plans to explore this weekend. Instead, I'm going to do some much needed housecleaning, and maybe get time to complete my first Pocket Letter for my first swap! I'm excited to do something crafty! I have so little time to 'play' and I thought doing a swap like this would combine some of my favorite pastimes: crafting, writing, scrapbooking, sharing of information and meeting new folks! Before I send it off, I'll take a picture of it and post it here! Y'all have a great weekend! Do something fun, just for you! And Smile!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Where Alabama Began~~

This past Saturday, I had the best time exploring with family/friends! We have been exploring together for some years now, and always have a great time together! This weekend was no exception! Our cousin/friend comes in from Atlanta, GA driving down on a Friday afternoon, stopping in Montgomery AL to visit with a 103 year old cousin in the nursing home; continues on to Bates House of Turkey in Greenville where he must pick up some turkey sandwiches to satisfy his hunger; and then, continues on to Conecuh County, AL to stay with his cousin Janine and husband, Wayne. We gather at their home on Friday night for a wonderful supper, two more cousins: Pat; Janiece; and myself--and there is so much laughter, and kidding, and trading of new recipes--oh, the fun we have! We discuss everything from family genealogy, cemetery jaunts, politics, health issues for family and friends we have in common, church news, what is going on with each of us--it's kind of funny that three of us that live right in the same county, don't see each other much except when John comes home from Atlanta--but we make up for it on those weekends!~ On Saturdays, we usually plan an outing somewhere--maybe it's a trip to a family cemetery, or looking for an old homestead, or a canoe trip downriver, or shopping for antiques, or just browsing or riding the many dirt roads in and around the area. We usually go off together for about 4-6 hours, return to Evergreen on late Saturday afternoon, pick up the others who declined on going off with us, gather at my home for supper and visit some more til time to go home to get rested for Sunday Worship Service at our churches. Usually, John goes to church with another 90+ year old cousin and has lunch with her, spending the afternoon, and we gather again if possible before he leaves for Atlanta either that evening or early the next day. We squeeze as much time together as possible. Sunday, as the elder cousin was out of state, he chose to attend church with me, and we enjoyed some one-on-one time together before gathering again at lunchtime with the others. Let's get back to Saturday though! Let me tell you all about our trip! We left my home about 9:30 AM and headed towards Repton, AL which is about 15-20 minutes away--a small town on the railroad that is practically non-existent except for the school and the few churches; and the homes, city hall, the post office and a service station--it's on the way to Monroeville from Evergreen. Downtown, the citizens have taken on a renovation project to beautify their historic downtown. You can now find little flea markets and antique shops downtown, that stay quite busy! We toured the two that were open and just enjoyed finding some treasures that we recognized. We left Repton and headed West on Highway 84 also known as the El Camino Corridor. We were planning to visit Clarke County that day, and Washington County, if we had time. Thankfully, we had GPS or we'd still be down around the old Tombigbee looking for some cemetery! As a cemetery column writer, I'd always wanted to visit a certain historic cemetery and Pat's son, James, had thought we'd enjoy seeing it too!~ Just in case our signal got weak, as it is prone to do in sparsely settled areas, I took along an Atlas that I'd received as a gift from the Monroe County Kiwanis Club last year for speaking to their organization about our genealogy department. It's a good thing I tucked that atlas in the car! Because, wouldn't you know it; where we were headed didn't have a cell signal most of the time! Ha! We traveled thru Ollie, Monroeville; and crossed the Alabama River and traveling along Highway 84, I did a rolling commentary as I knew most of the area's historical significance. We passed through Gosport, a tiny community known for being the home of the 4th Governor of Alabama: Gov. John Murphy; passed the Forwood Cemetery, and the tiny town of Whatley, and viewed the historical markers dotting the highway. As we neared Grove Hill, we took a turn which took us on a back road connecting us to Highway 43 South towards Mobile. As we drove thru these little spots, we saw interesting homes, wonderful flower and vegetable gardens, and places we pegged for another trip later when it turns cooler. As we neared Jackson, AL we knew we were getting closer to our destination--and the GPS had us turning off a highway that seemed to be headed straight to a lumberyard--and indeed it did! We went straight thru the Boise Timberyards! The little road seemed to get narrower and narrower, and pretty soon, we went under one of those railroad overpasses that a sign had indicated would flood when raining--we can see why! We were very close to the Tombigbee River! We saw a Railroad Bridge, and had to stop and take some pictures, of course! John is very patient with us, as we would yell--oh, STOP!! It's a wonder we weren't hit from behind! Except, most of the time, we were on our own! Ha! We meandered up and around curves, where I swear we should have met ourselves coming and going! As we wound up a particular hill, I noticed a sign and we pulled off the road and finally stopped to stretch. We had stopped in Rockville, AL, established in the early 1800s and beside the Welcome to Rockville sign, there was a historical marker indicating we were very near the old home site of Col. Jeremiah Austill, the famed canoe fighter with Sam Dale, and others at Burnt Corn, AL
Mt. Nebo Cemetery in the southern-most part of Clarke County, almost in Washington County. Indeed, a treat! So very many interesting gravestones! The most unique ones I've seen are the Death Masks, created by a Mr. Nettles of his mother, his wife and two children, and others in his community of Carlton.
We continued on with our journey after we left Mt. Nebo and headed to where it all began in Alabama, my home! St. Stephens was the first capital of Alabama--and so much history is here--you need a whole week just to explore--and preferably when it is so much cooler than it was on Saturday! 100 degree temps made one want to be in the water for certain! Take a look at some of what we saw!

Thursday and I can see the Weekend!

Good Morning from a Thursday Morning here in Southern Alabama! Oh wow!! Did y'all feel that cool breeze that we had early this morning? A whopping 75 degrees!! Whoo EE!!! It felt so good! After triple digit temperatures for so many weeks now, that 75 felt like Christmas! Ha! Aren't you guys looking forward to cooler, fall like temps? I know I am--I love FALL the Best of ALL!!! Love decorating for fall around my gardens, and outside and inside of my home. I also like decorating around my office and inside the genealogy department in the fall. Going to be browsing the dirt roads for some corn stalks, and dried seed pods, old okra stalks, pretty branches, etc I am looking forward to getting a couple of Pocket Letters completed this weekend and start swapping with some folks! I think it will be lots of fun, and be something of a crafty nature that will be doable for me, since I am limited on time! Trying to get some stuff done on these computers here at work, backing up some crucial files, and locating some photographs I want to include on my blog! Gotta go back to work, so y'all have fun today!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday, Mid-week

Good Morning--it's Wednesday--Hump Day or Mid-week, as I refer to it. It's like a day to measure the remainder of your week by..if your week started out on Sunday morning in church, like mine did--and on Monday morning was your work day, you get to that day, and think to yourself, how can I make this day special for others? I can be cheerful, bright-eyed, compassionate, thankful, considerate of others, forgiving, loving, trying to model my life as Christ would have me to; or I can be down in the mouth about every little thing that happens and just be miserable. I chose the first part--I chose to be cheerful, and happy..life is all about choices! So, by the second day of my work week, I am still trying to be cheerful and happy--which worked--as I kept busy doing things here at work, helping people solve their ancestral mysteries, connecting with folks through my blog, and checking on what was going on around me. Well, as if I need another project--or a 'to do' list! Ha Ha! I sincerely love scrapbooking and genealogy--they seem to go hand in hand to me--I used to enjoy crafting lots of different things-- and still do from time to time--but as time goes on, I find that I do better concentrating on one particular craft or idea--so I chose scrapbooking/stamping/genealogy and work on making my scrapbooks more visually pleasing to me. A friend of mine: Dorothy Crutchfield has this awesome blog--actually, she got me started blogging--and her blog is called HensRule. All the time, she's participating in these crafty swaps, getting fun, cute stuff handmade by her crafty fellow bloggers, and making me envious! This gal is so talented! We share a lot of loves, anything vintage, sweet dolls, books, plants, animals, you name it--must be why we worked so well together here in the library for so long! Ha! Anyway, on one of my blogs I follow, I saw where they were posting a Swap--and it was for Pocket Letters--never heard of such! After Googling it though, and checking it out on Pinterest? I am hooked! I can't wait to get started! I searched through my crafty stash last night for things I could use--never did find my 9 pocket vinyl holders! Guess that means I'll have to go buy some more--and keep them where I can locate them! I just love the idea of having pen pals--used to do that years ago--had one in India for a time being--that was fun to communicate with! Had one in England--and all over the USA. So, this is kind of like that, except you use your creative juices and make things to put in the little pockets, and fold it to fit in a legal sized envelope--mail it off and get one in return! I do like the sound of that--being a Postmaster's daughter, it's been sad to me to see that letter writing has become almost a thing of the past! I do enjoy the new media age--where you can chat and mail back and forth--but there is just 'something' about holding a letter that someone took time to write in your hand! You know? Plus, I can take my pocket letters I receive and place them in a three ring binder, where I can look at them often, use some of the items to make other crafts; and just enjoy getting to know other folks! I've already thought I might make one of two of these Pocket Letters for my Grandsons--thought they might enjoy them! I have thought of things that they might enjoy getting--some cute school stickers, supplies, a stick of gum, special stuff chosen just for them--and I don't expect a return from them in the form of a pocket letter, but if they did? I'd treasure it for certain! If you'd like to exchange a pocket letter with me, let me know! I'm game for it! Hope your Wednesday is extra-special!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Library Notes

Good Morning, this Thursday morning in August--or Hot August as I refer to it these days! I've been doing absolutely nothing while it's been so blame hot outdoors! I come in and literally melt on the sofa and read! I've currently been reading every Lisa Wingate book we have in the library! If you've not read any of her books, I urge you to do so! They are such good stories! I feel like I've been living at Moses Lake, Texas with her series about that community--a fictitious place, yes, but feels so real as you 'meet' all the characters! You can visit her on Facebook, read the blog called www.SouthernBelleView.com and enjoy seeing the additional authors that write books that will inspire you. I'm looking forward to a busy weekend, with some friends and family; we'll go exploring on Saturday, and have good fellowship at mealtimes together for the whole weekend! What fun! We all get to try out new recipes on each other, and see what we like! I'm thinking of trying out a crockpot meal of Lasagna! Since we often go exploring during the day on Saturday and eat at my house that night, I have to prepare something that either can cook all day and be ready promptly; or be easily prepared as soon as I return home after being gone all day. I enjoy finding meals that are easy to prepare ahead of time, and the crock pot is perfect for that--it can simmer all day long and then, be ready when we are! Sunday, I plan on being in church with my church family. We have a new pastor and I need to be in the congregation to meet and greet him, listen to him and just plain worship! I have been missing my church family--and have absolutely no excuse except laziness on my part for not being there with them! Wednesday, in honor of it being Hump Day, or the middle of the week, we had some fun! Two of our retired co-workers came back to visit! It was so funny watching them 'jump' when the phone rang--thought they were going to answer it for a second! They managed to stay in their seats, though! Ha Ha! We had cups of hot coffee, warm blueberry muffins with freshly made lemon curd! Hmm good! Exchanged news all the way around! What fun! Planning a trip in October to visit again! Looking forward to that!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Good First Monday Morning in August!! How fast the summer has flown by--in muggy temperatures, sudden outbursts of thunderstorms as usual, and humid conditions, mosquitos, flies, and family reunions, summer vacations, etc I've stayed pretty close to home during the summer, and hopefully, plan to do a few fall 'pilgrimages' this October--when the weather is cooler! I've piddled around both properties at home; readying the place for the family reunion which was held July 18th, and now that it's over, I need to get back to the business of emptying out the big house, downsizing some more, and learning to 'let go'! Thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of my 'favorite things': pets and people and flowers, etc

Friday, July 31, 2015


Recently we held our Beasley & Etheridge, Allied Families Reunion and these are some pix of that day. One picture is of last year, when our patriarch of the family celebrated his 98th birthday in Mobile, AL. This coming August he will celebrate his 99th Birthday! How awesome that is! He is greatly loved and admired by his family, his friends, his church and his community. Last year, we had a huge birthday cake at the reunion and everyone sung Happy Birthday to Mel! This year, we managed to just cut the cake, and everyone wished him Happy Birthday. It was awfully warm--no, actually, it was just so blame hot, we could barely stand it! We did have a wonderful turnout despite the heat! One thing about this year, so many of my very good friends helped me out by providing tables, chairs, tents, fans, even baking food to help out! Some of them were able to attend, as many of them had met Uncle Mel Beasley at the funeral for our sweet mama, and wanted to help him celebrate a month early on his birthday. There will be more photos to share. one of the group photos is from a box of photographs that Cousin Comer Beasley found in his late mother's trunk. We labeled this collection "A Trunk of Memories" and ongoing is the challenge to identify who these folks are and how they fit into our family tree!

Dog Days of Summer

I suppose the dog days of Summer have hit me--as it's been extremely hot as hades in the southern part of Alabama where I reside! Mercy, it's been heat indexes of 100+ degrees nearly every single day! And FLIES!! Lord have mercy at the flies! The pups at my home have been miserable, and keeping them cooled and comfortable has been a challenge! Every moment that they can scoot in past me into the air conditioned house, they do and I can't blame them a bit! However, they rarely get to stay unless it's after one of their many, many bath times and they're clean as a whistle! Ha! I do keep a fan blowing on them when they're out on the patio, and they've been reasonably flea-free this summer, which is quite unusual! I do love my canine buddies! Every one at my house is older than dirt! With cousins and friends, I attempted to keep them in a 10 x 10 foot kennel, complete with wiring at the bottom so they wouldn't dig out--which Jack promptly found a space that he could squeeze through, and wow, he was gone in a flash! Caught up with him twice now, and he hasn't been allowed to stay in the kennel since the last episode--on the Thursday before my big 'to-do' of a family reunion at my home, I had to chase that rascal down...he was promptly placed in the crate, and hasn't been allowed to roam since! The other day I took pity on the three of them, and took them riding out in the Jeep on a Sunday afternoon! I do believe they really enjoyed it! All were smiling! I'll have to post their pictures, so y'all can see them! Mimi, my little Shih Tzu, got to go visit a new groomer this week! She's feeling much better, now that she's had her short haircut for the summer! She looked so cute and felt so good when she got home! Told her she'd get to go back! She really enjoyed playing with a new toy I purchased for her--even at her advanced age, she enjoys playing 'tug-of-war' with her human and her stuffed animal!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summertime 2015!!

It's been a long while since I posted on the blog! Life just got complicated in so many ways; I lost my password, and couldn't figure it out--over and over again! So, maybe with a bit of luck and smart moves, I can start blogging again? I sure have missed my blogging friends! I've been busy planning our family reunion. It will be in July and I've still got tons to get accomplished, or so I think! Our sweet Mama will be smiling down from Heaven again this year, knowing that I continue the tradition of hosting the family at her home! These pix are from a few years ago--one of Mama and her brother, Mel Beasley--he will celebrate his 99th birthday in August of this year. Right now, he's in the hospital with pneumonia and we sure hope he'll be feeling better in no time at all! He has been educating and entertaining the nurses and doctors with stories about Mobile Infirmary's history--and gosh, he should know--being that he's been down in Mobile County for over half his lifetime! The other pix is a school photo of Hampden Ridge School, located in the community in which these two siblings grew up. My grandmother and several other relatives are in this photo. It was taken circa 1906-08 we believe. Hope you enjoy your summer activities as much as I plan on enjoying mine!!