Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sasser Family Research

I've been working on my family tree lately--whenever I get the chance. For instance, right after I returned from the native land of NC where both my family lines of Beasley and Sasser originated from, I began in earnest to do some much needed research. You know, how we read something and even though we've read it ten thousand times before, it's all of a sudden like a light bulb goes on and you REALLY READ IT and SEE WHAT IT SAYS!! As if you're seeing it for the first time! So, in researching Benjamin Sasser, who was reportedly born in Somerset MD back in the early 1770s, I looked again at his Rev War Pension Record where he states very plainly that he was born in Dobbs County North Carolina. Dobbs County which is in existence no more, but definitely was during the time of his life. If he was of firm mind when this application was taken, you'd think that of all the folks, He would KNOW where he was born! He also stated in his application that this information was recorded in a family Bible that was in the possession of his son, Frederick Sasser. So, I began to research online and in the books that are in my library here, for anything to indicate that our ancestor, Benjamin Sasser, was indeed born in Dobbs County NC instead of Somerset MD...and I believe I'm on to something. I've joined WikiTree to upload our family info there, in hopes of networking with other Sasser descendants. Now, if I can talk some of our SASSER guys into DNA testing, perhaps we'll see if we can link up and find out if our Sasser came from Germany, or elsewhere! Wish me luck!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I keep saying I'm going to keep this blog active; and then, BAM! Life Happens, and it gets away from me, and it's been weeks since I Posted! Too much busyness, I guess! I mean well, seriously, I do! No one reads it much, though, except me! So, guess it really isn't making a difference--life happens!