Friday, November 21, 2014

Brrr~~ Baby, it's cold outside!

Hoping to use these cute printables for family Thanksgiving in the next couple of days!

Preparing our hearts for Christmas this year

It's going to be a different kind of year this Christmas; as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the birth of our KING--we as a family are celebrating it without our Mama this year, as she went to her heavenly home this past January. So, we are looking toward gathering in thanks with our families in just a few days for Thanksgiving, and preparing our hearts to celebrate the birth of our Jesus at Christmas. Along with that, there are preparations for a holiday season, gifts to make and share, recipes to try and just some good old fashioned togetherness as we participate in the church activities and community events.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some of my Favorite things to brighten my thoughts!

Mailbox arrangement to bring fall in along with the mail

My best friend, Frank Murphy, doing one of the things he loves best (beside riding the wind) and he's on the Sepulga River here, kayaking.

My two loves: Grandsons John Christopher Kirby and Alex William Kirby enjoying beach time with their parents and families.

My sweet Katie and her love: Luda--she might be the child, but she still teaches me so much!

A foggy morning view across the way from work--trees in fog. It's like the day slowly unveils itself.

 A cheerful scarecrow to brighten the walkway along with silly pumpkins.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This is one of my favorite pix of fall--taken a couple of years ago on the Old Federal Road near the Old Middleton Cemetery. It depicts the old-fashioned 'swamp daisy' as we refer to them, blooming in the ditches, all up and down the dusty dirt roads that you will find here in South Alabama. I enjoy picking some of these for bouquets--just wildflowers--the pinks and lavender blooms you'll see this time of year, the bright, sunshiny yellow of the daisies, goldenrod, and bright reds of the various berries on branches--makes for a beautiful bouquet anytime!
Riding down dirt roads is a favorite pasttime of mine--you never know what you might find around the next bend! It also doesn't hurt to get away from the constant busyness of town, and job responsibilities--just gives your brain a rest, you know?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Family Ties That Bind

From April to September?

It's been awhile since last I posted, believe it was April and now, it's nearly September. August brings kiddoes going back to school and hopefully, we'll have cooler temperatures with no major hurricanes this season! I'm looking forward to getting back to crafting and scrapbooking, and trying to find my footing! Both figuratively and literally! I'm having issues with plantar faciitis and it's a pain, believe me! Ouch! I've received some wonderful family photos over the last month, and hope to post them on the blog! I want to get back into heritage scrapbooking, so am taking a big room in my home and remaking it into a scrapbook and crafting area so I can leave everything out and stay inspired to create! It's good for the soul! I'll post some pix of the "new" crafting room when I get it done! Go enjoy the day! It's Friday here and the end of a very stressful work week. I am ready to play!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Okay, It's okay to dream, right? I've always had this crazy idea to have a bed and breakfast with a genealogy twist. A mini-museum of sorts for folks who come to an area to conduct their genealogical research; they need places to visit--short history tours of the area in which their ancestors lived, worked, worshipped, were born, married, died and was buried. They need recreational places, such as the river and creeks to explore; walking trails to enjoy or bike trails leading them to relaxed places to explore; they need food like home cooked meals or special barbeque; they need a place for their spouses to go play golf, or go shopping in neat little boutiques, etc While their family goes off and does their own thing--they can visit the local libraries for genealogical research and stay in a nice B & B where they can get around the clock genealogical assistance! That would be me! LOL! Heck, a girl can dream, can't she!? It sure would be a nice way to retire! I could retire and keep working!

Monday, March 31, 2014


My folks--we said goodbye and see you in heaven to our mama in January--just a few weeks after her 87th birthday. It's really been a difficult year--as she had a major stroke last summer and it was heartwrenching as we watched her health decline so quickly. We had some really wonderful days with her, and I'll always be so grateful that we managed to take care of her at home, where we could spend some quality time with her. We know that Mama and Daddy are now once more together in Heaven, just where they need to be. We love you, Mama and Daddy! We're trying to be strong, and be what you taught us to be.