Friday, June 12, 2015

Summertime 2015!!

It's been a long while since I posted on the blog! Life just got complicated in so many ways; I lost my password, and couldn't figure it out--over and over again! So, maybe with a bit of luck and smart moves, I can start blogging again? I sure have missed my blogging friends! I've been busy planning our family reunion. It will be in July and I've still got tons to get accomplished, or so I think! Our sweet Mama will be smiling down from Heaven again this year, knowing that I continue the tradition of hosting the family at her home! These pix are from a few years ago--one of Mama and her brother, Mel Beasley--he will celebrate his 99th birthday in August of this year. Right now, he's in the hospital with pneumonia and we sure hope he'll be feeling better in no time at all! He has been educating and entertaining the nurses and doctors with stories about Mobile Infirmary's history--and gosh, he should know--being that he's been down in Mobile County for over half his lifetime! The other pix is a school photo of Hampden Ridge School, located in the community in which these two siblings grew up. My grandmother and several other relatives are in this photo. It was taken circa 1906-08 we believe. Hope you enjoy your summer activities as much as I plan on enjoying mine!!