Friday, July 31, 2015


Recently we held our Beasley & Etheridge, Allied Families Reunion and these are some pix of that day. One picture is of last year, when our patriarch of the family celebrated his 98th birthday in Mobile, AL. This coming August he will celebrate his 99th Birthday! How awesome that is! He is greatly loved and admired by his family, his friends, his church and his community. Last year, we had a huge birthday cake at the reunion and everyone sung Happy Birthday to Mel! This year, we managed to just cut the cake, and everyone wished him Happy Birthday. It was awfully warm--no, actually, it was just so blame hot, we could barely stand it! We did have a wonderful turnout despite the heat! One thing about this year, so many of my very good friends helped me out by providing tables, chairs, tents, fans, even baking food to help out! Some of them were able to attend, as many of them had met Uncle Mel Beasley at the funeral for our sweet mama, and wanted to help him celebrate a month early on his birthday. There will be more photos to share. one of the group photos is from a box of photographs that Cousin Comer Beasley found in his late mother's trunk. We labeled this collection "A Trunk of Memories" and ongoing is the challenge to identify who these folks are and how they fit into our family tree!

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