Thursday, March 31, 2016

April Showers

February and March brought lots of damaging storms to Alabama and Northwest Florida; roofs leaked, yards overran with water and damaging winds caused old and young trees to break. Many communities were hard hit, such as Johnstonville in Conecuh County, Alabama and Century in Escambia County, Florida. Work had been rather uneventful and not quite too busy, but latter part of March and now here it is almost April, lots of whirlwind activity in the archives! Barely a moment to breathe! The Season of Lent gave us many opportunities to sing praises to God, with our adult choir and childrens' choir performing during worship services for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday. I think we're all tired! I know I am! I am enjoying being back active in church though, both on Sunday mornings in Sunday School, singing in the choir on Sunday mornings, and evening services at 5:30, plus the middle of the workweek, we have 'pie-eatin' as Mama used to refer to it on Wednesday evenings, followed by choir practice. I've also been attending the circle meetings, and they're always good. I am doing more reading in my Bible and with my devotional books; in addition to fiction. I've been de-cluttering--getting out of the craft making market--giving away what I can to someone who finds more time and energy for it all! I feel so much better just making some space! I'm sure that I'll continue to do a bit of crafting, but something that doesn't take over an hour to do! And no need to keep a bunch of junk in the house..makes me feel free to get that stuff gone!

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