Monday, April 15, 2013

Marching into April and onto May

It's been a busy couple of weeks--work-wise and home-wise, as the weather hasn't cooperated very well in getting outdoors to garden, I've stayed in and been cleaning out closets and drawers! I've found more junk I need to do something with, than I ever thought I'd poked back! Omigosh! Dresses I'll never wear, tops I couldn't squeeze into if I wanted to; and shoes? Where did it all come from?! LOL! Since I'm into organizing at the office, thankfully, it's carrying over into the home life! I've put away files, sorted information that folks have called me about, and located more photos and documents I'd love to scan and get online! I'm getting ready to host some heritage scrapbook classes, so have also been doing some family history and photograph sorting of my own! I decided that if I died tomorrow, my kids wouldn't need or want to deal with all my 'junk' so think I'll do what I can while I'm living, so they don't have to! We three girls have been dealing with alot of that over at mama's house, and as we have been working on various projects over there, we look at ourselves and wish we were home doing the same thing! Ha! Nothing like visiting, and realizing you want to go home and clean house, literally and figuratively!
I'm the proud recipient of a 'new' washer and dryer! A really sweet friend got her a new set, and decided she'd give me her old set. It's definitely needed at my home, as I've been without a laundry since moving back to be close to my mom. It will be wonderful to get it all set up, and since I've been clipping photos and ideas for my 'dream laundry room' from Pinterest, can't wait to get started! Hence, the clean-out! I have all these wonderful ideas! Ideas but not skills to carry them through! Will be calling on some of my skilled friends!

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