Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Santa's Watching You

Santa is watching you!
And, I guess it's least if it's not Santa, it'll be the 'elf on the shelf!

Take a look at your Christmas tree and see who is peeking from the branches--after all, we seem to be a very visual generation these days--once, as a young child, all my daddy or mother had to say, is 'Santa's watching you' and I believed in the magic! I didn't have to see him or hear him or feel his beard, to know that he was definitely keeping up with me! Whatever I was doing, how I was acting--you can bet that He WAS WATCHING ME! My EVERY MOVE! Mama and Daddy didn't need a silly little elf--though I still do have one that made its' appearance many years ago--not just one of those 'elf on a shelf guys' either! Santa Clause was always in our household--thru the long winter and short springs, and long, hot, dry and humid summers! He was always keeping an eye out and probably a hand over our mouth!

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