Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This is one of my favorite pix of fall--taken a couple of years ago on the Old Federal Road near the Old Middleton Cemetery. It depicts the old-fashioned 'swamp daisy' as we refer to them, blooming in the ditches, all up and down the dusty dirt roads that you will find here in South Alabama. I enjoy picking some of these for bouquets--just wildflowers--the pinks and lavender blooms you'll see this time of year, the bright, sunshiny yellow of the daisies, goldenrod, and bright reds of the various berries on branches--makes for a beautiful bouquet anytime!
Riding down dirt roads is a favorite pasttime of mine--you never know what you might find around the next bend! It also doesn't hurt to get away from the constant busyness of town, and job responsibilities--just gives your brain a rest, you know?

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  1. Oh Sherry, I love dirt roads. There are so many of them gone now and I remember them fondly as a kid growing up in Jay. Morristown Road that I was raised on was a clay dirt road and when it rained , it became a gooey clay mess that you had to drive down in the ruts to make it anywhere. Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo...