Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some of my Favorite things to brighten my thoughts!

Mailbox arrangement to bring fall in along with the mail

My best friend, Frank Murphy, doing one of the things he loves best (beside riding the wind) and he's on the Sepulga River here, kayaking.

My two loves: Grandsons John Christopher Kirby and Alex William Kirby enjoying beach time with their parents and families.

My sweet Katie and her love: Luda--she might be the child, but she still teaches me so much!

A foggy morning view across the way from work--trees in fog. It's like the day slowly unveils itself.

 A cheerful scarecrow to brighten the walkway along with silly pumpkins.

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  1. Very pretty Sherry! You make me miss the library with that morning shot of the fog. The Sepulga looks like it was up out of the banks, too.