Thursday, February 11, 2016

I really do mean well

Yes, it's already February, and it was late December when I wrote my last post. As the title indicates, I really do mean well. I mean to get to writing, and just expressing my thoughts, or give you some uplifting advice, or some Scripture, but life just gets in my way! It was a wonderful Christmas with the family! All of my children were home for Christmas, and they arrived in time to attend and participate in our Candlelight Christmas Eve Service, and young Alex took his first Communion with us that evening. Precious child! Both of the boys did exceptionally well, I thought, and their great grandparents would have been tickled to know that they were worshipping in church where we all grew up! I loved it! It was the very best of my Christmas Memories! I will always cherish that evening together! Always! The twins brought their significant others along for Christmas and I am so glad to see both of them happy! Changes are afoot, and they are good changes, I think! We enjoyed sharing our Christmas Traditions with all of them, and making new traditions too! Claire and the grandsons got to stay over a little longer, once Chris left to go back to NC, and thankfully, despite some hardships, he did get home safely! We all enjoyed being together as long as we possibly could! Birthdays came for two of our family members: Chris celebrated his birthday, and Katie's Mike celebrated his--in a most frightening way though! Our dear Mike had a birthday, and on the 2nd of January of the New Year, suffered a heart attack! It was frightening for all! An ordeal I don't wish on anyone, even one so young! 29! Thankfully, our family knows that if you seek God, He answers! And mercy me, He answered! Katie started a GoFundMe account for Mike Elmore, and if you're so inclined, please consider giving to help offset his medical expenses. He was in the military, and VA is not helping as they should! Lots of rough road ahead of him; yet, God has big plans for this young man! He gave him another chance at life, even when the doctors had lost hope, and given him none! God DOES answer our prayers! Praise GOD! January came and went, with blessings every day, and setbacks along the way; however, we got through January and February has dawned already! February is bringing its' own challenges, as we're saying goodbye to another dear friend. It sure is hard getting older and having to say goodbye to friends who have always been a part of our lives. Well, I'll leave that for another day--not quite ready to speak of it all. As I said, I do mean well--to keep writing and keep my creative spirit alive...we'll see how the month works out.

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