Friday, February 12, 2016

The photo is of my sweet friends, and former (now retired) co-workers: Dorothy Crutchfield and Diane Sosebee. It was taken at the library during the past year, when Dorothy came back for a visit; Diane came over with muffins and lemon curd, and we prepared coffee in the kitchen like old times! What a joy it was to work with these two ladies! We had many of the same interests, and hobbies! We enjoyed reading the same books, and talking about them! We shared a closeness that many envied. Our sweet Diane went home this past Sunday morning while in church--she went from one House of the Lord to her Heavenly Home after taking her last communion--who knew it would be her last? She went quickly--so quickly, and it's been a hard week for all of her loved ones. Her family is hosting a Celebration of Life Service for her in that same church this coming Sunday, Valentine's Day--how appropriate!~ Share the Love, as she always did, so unselfishly!

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