Monday, October 22, 2012


It's totally Monday, the beginning of a brand new week--October is nearly over and November and the holidays are on their way! Evidenced by the Halloween merchandise already going on sale in most of the shops; Thanksgiving ingredients showing up on the shelves; and Christmas decor lining up already! My oh My! All those 'to do' lists I've not completed yet! Pinterest and I are going to have to get 'really chummy' with some simple gift giving ideas over the next few weeks!
I saw something this morning while walking Gypsy and Mimi that took me back to my 'playhouse' days. We had this cute little playhouse that sat in our back yard--wish I still had it--anyway, we'd make stuff, have snacks, koolaid, and pretend stuff too--I can just see me 'shelling' these pods that came out of the mimosa trees in the back yard--and the little seeds in them were our 'peas'. Do ya'll remember doing that as a child? Our dolls, we'd line up and 'feed' them! Oh the simple joys of imagination! Do children get to do that anymore? Everytime I see a pile of pine straw, or leaves, even, I'm tempted to rake them into 'houses and rooms' like I can remember doing as a child. So much fun! I'd thought one time that I'd be an architect, but that didn't pan out because I was not fluent in the math and angles I needed! Flunked math courses right and left, but shined in literature and writing--go figure!

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