Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Library has been a busy place here lately, & have been busy at home--which equals to not much time to blog or peruse Pinterest or answer emails. However, did look at Dorothy's blog: HensRule and saw where she posted some Needle Books and it made me think of one I have. So, I brought it this morning to share with her, and took a photo of it to share with ya'll! I keep it in my mother's Button Bucket--the lid is long gone, but seeing that button jar brings back so many delightful memories! Mama never sewed like some moms did--mainly because she worked an 8 to 4 job every day outside the home--first for the Board of Education, then, later for the County Commission. If we wanted a button sewn on, she could do that and hem our pants and skirts. We loved playing with the buttons in the Button Bucket! I found the Needle Book and some other sewing treasures in a house I purchased...what fun it was to come across the Needle Book, an old measuring tape, and packets of buttons!


  1. Those people look so comfy in that airplane, wish the seats were that spread out today!

  2. I thought about that too, Dorothy. Thinking about how Claire travels with two little boys now on an airplane!