Friday, October 19, 2012

Yippee! It's TGIF!!!

Good Friday Morning~~ a wonderful start to the weekend--we got a good soaking rain yesterday to bump the dust off, and help the fall flowers have a drink, and everything just looks more crisp in the fall--it's like you have this focus button and you can touch it and everything is more in focus--the night skies seem to be sharper; the colors seem to be brighter; and the scents of the season seem to be just more vivid. I love Fall of the year--it's really my favorite, I think--of course, it helps me to get focused on family events--love planning my seasonal displays at home and work, even. I enjoy playing with my decorative items, and actually finding some around the garden that I can incorporate into my decorating scheme. Yes, I've become addicted to Pinterest--Diane Sosebee and I used to enjoy a garden forum that is very similar to Pinterest, so of course, the first one I look at it is always--"Meandering the Garden" and I have so much fun with that! Thanks to Diane, I have lots of wine bottles, old plates, and such to play with in the garden--just need to find the time to play! Everyone needs to find time to play--it makes the work not so bad if you've had time to play! Between Pinterest and seeing all the wonderful ideas that other people have had, and seeing how I can do some of them; and working in my genealogy and historical groups is also play--not always work--as I help others solve their genealogical puzzles--that's rewarding too--and then, there's being at home with my critters; my 'to-do' list in my 100+ year old home--it never ends! There's just so much to have fun with! I am never bored! My hands itch more in the fall of the year for doing some kind of creative stuff--I wish I could paint, or crochet or sketch--those talents elude me--but I can have fun attempting some things--and that's where the friends like you come in! You inspire me! Life inspires me! The Gardens inspire me! I look at things differently than most, maybe--but that's okay! I am who I am and I am satisfied! Later, work is calling but the weekend is here! And tomorrow--no work!

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