Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Library has been a busy place here lately, & have been busy at home--which equals to not much time to blog or peruse Pinterest or answer emails. However, did look at Dorothy's blog: HensRule and saw where she posted some Needle Books and it made me think of one I have. So, I brought it this morning to share with her, and took a photo of it to share with ya'll! I keep it in my mother's Button Bucket--the lid is long gone, but seeing that button jar brings back so many delightful memories! Mama never sewed like some moms did--mainly because she worked an 8 to 4 job every day outside the home--first for the Board of Education, then, later for the County Commission. If we wanted a button sewn on, she could do that and hem our pants and skirts. We loved playing with the buttons in the Button Bucket! I found the Needle Book and some other sewing treasures in a house I purchased...what fun it was to come across the Needle Book, an old measuring tape, and packets of buttons!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Part of what I do is explore old, historical cemeteries and historical sites--taking photos as I go--and then, writing about what I see and what I discover about them. Thought you might enjoy seeing this newel post from a family burying ground that predates the Civil War in Conecuh County. This is the site of the Old Beulah Baptist Church established by Rev. Alexander Travis.
I decorated my kitchen mantle with some fall leaf garland, some artificial gourds, pumpkins, acorns, and some Halloween decorations--it gives me some snippets of happiness while cooking and washing dishes to see the cute little things on the mantle. I am looking forward to decorating for Christmas holidays too, b/c I always decorate my mantle as well as tops of my kitchen cabinets! I want to decorate a small tree this year with cookie cutters and stuff for my kitchen! My Santa Collection will be getting out on Black Friday to start celebrating Christmas!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy all weeklong

It's already Friday again, and I've had absolutely no time at all to post! I'll try my  best to post some things sometime today--it's the weekend--another busy one, in fact, for our county as the Annual SERF-I is this weekend, starting today, at Middleton Field on Hwy 84. The skies have been filled almost all week with planes as the folks who patronize this affair have been arriving. Others are coming in by motorhome, I suppose, because I've been seeing more of those this week cruise by on Liberty Hill.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

oh my...going to HAVE TO get internet at home. found two many interesting sites today. and  I can see what I want to be doing all winter.

Monday, October 22, 2012


It's totally Monday, the beginning of a brand new week--October is nearly over and November and the holidays are on their way! Evidenced by the Halloween merchandise already going on sale in most of the shops; Thanksgiving ingredients showing up on the shelves; and Christmas decor lining up already! My oh My! All those 'to do' lists I've not completed yet! Pinterest and I are going to have to get 'really chummy' with some simple gift giving ideas over the next few weeks!
I saw something this morning while walking Gypsy and Mimi that took me back to my 'playhouse' days. We had this cute little playhouse that sat in our back yard--wish I still had it--anyway, we'd make stuff, have snacks, koolaid, and pretend stuff too--I can just see me 'shelling' these pods that came out of the mimosa trees in the back yard--and the little seeds in them were our 'peas'. Do ya'll remember doing that as a child? Our dolls, we'd line up and 'feed' them! Oh the simple joys of imagination! Do children get to do that anymore? Everytime I see a pile of pine straw, or leaves, even, I'm tempted to rake them into 'houses and rooms' like I can remember doing as a child. So much fun! I'd thought one time that I'd be an architect, but that didn't pan out because I was not fluent in the math and angles I needed! Flunked math courses right and left, but shined in literature and writing--go figure!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Good Morning...Sunday Morning...& a lazy day. So many things I need to be doing. Instead I find myself still in bed, taking time for myself..a luxury I hardly ever have. My critters are awfully quiet so maybe they realize mommy needed some "me time". If you like Pinterest & Genealogy & Scrapbooking...have been pinning this morning to my boards. GenScraps is one board I created to combine family history & scrapbooking ideas. The other is named Genealogical Journey...on it you will find tips & ideas to make your ancestral search easier. Hope you'll follow me in my journey. I have lots of scrapbooking materials & it's my favorite craft to do in the fall & winter.  It's a great antidote for "cabin fever"!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yippee! It's TGIF!!!

Good Friday Morning~~ a wonderful start to the weekend--we got a good soaking rain yesterday to bump the dust off, and help the fall flowers have a drink, and everything just looks more crisp in the fall--it's like you have this focus button and you can touch it and everything is more in focus--the night skies seem to be sharper; the colors seem to be brighter; and the scents of the season seem to be just more vivid. I love Fall of the year--it's really my favorite, I think--of course, it helps me to get focused on family events--love planning my seasonal displays at home and work, even. I enjoy playing with my decorative items, and actually finding some around the garden that I can incorporate into my decorating scheme. Yes, I've become addicted to Pinterest--Diane Sosebee and I used to enjoy a garden forum that is very similar to Pinterest, so of course, the first one I look at it is always--"Meandering the Garden" and I have so much fun with that! Thanks to Diane, I have lots of wine bottles, old plates, and such to play with in the garden--just need to find the time to play! Everyone needs to find time to play--it makes the work not so bad if you've had time to play! Between Pinterest and seeing all the wonderful ideas that other people have had, and seeing how I can do some of them; and working in my genealogy and historical groups is also play--not always work--as I help others solve their genealogical puzzles--that's rewarding too--and then, there's being at home with my critters; my 'to-do' list in my 100+ year old home--it never ends! There's just so much to have fun with! I am never bored! My hands itch more in the fall of the year for doing some kind of creative stuff--I wish I could paint, or crochet or sketch--those talents elude me--but I can have fun attempting some things--and that's where the friends like you come in! You inspire me! Life inspires me! The Gardens inspire me! I look at things differently than most, maybe--but that's okay! I am who I am and I am satisfied! Later, work is calling but the weekend is here! And tomorrow--no work!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Years ago, I was involved with the Heritage Festivals we hosted here in Evergreen, and we always had so much fun planning and seeing it all carried out--and folks came and enjoyed themselves--so many times, you hear someone say--'you can't go home again' but we've proved that wrong so many times! I believe it's your choice in how you can 'go home again'--and believe me, I think that this weekend, during the annual Sausage Festival in Historic Downtown Evergreen--you will be glad you did! The Festival Committee has worked hard in assuring that we have legitimate arts & crafts vendors; great food vendors; and great entertainment lined up! So, there's really no excuse for you not to enjoy yourself! We'd love to see you! The Library will be open from 9 to Noon. I plan on being downtown, with my camera to take some photos! And hopefully, some extra moola for some Christmas Gift buying! Let's show these folks who are coming to our town that we welcome them and are proud of our heritage and our town!

Easy Does It!

Woo Hoo--Dorothy said it was easy, but had no idea "How EASY"--may really have some fun with this! Life can be so hard sometimes, it's fun to find something that you like to do--and be able to share it with others! So, this should be lots of fun! I can write and share and write some more, till ya'll get tired of me!

Introducing myself

I have been writing for some time now, but mostly for a newspaper column about historical cemeteries; and for my facebook pages which are dedicated to historical and genealogical research. So, after reading how much fun my co-worker, Dorothy Crutchfield has had, doing her own blog, and listening to others, I decided: Heck, I can do that! So, here we go--and hope you'll be wanting to follow along with me on my scribbling!