Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Family and Reunions

M.H. Beasley and sister, Charlene Beasley Sasser, b. 6 Jan 1927

Mellinger Hancock Beasley
b.23 August 1916

M. H. Beasley and Sherry (Sasser) Johnston

A few years ago, mama's only surviving sibling, Mel Beasley suggested to her that we start having family reunions again like in the 'old days'. We all discussed it quite a bit, and settled on a date. I decided to host it at our home in Evergreen: the Old Pritchett Place, a farmhouse smack dab in the middle of Evergreen, just off AL 83/Liberty Hill Drive--very conveniently located off Exit 96 of I-65. The house is spread out with lots of room, a front and back porch and plenty of yard space for the children we hoped would come. It was a wonderful location and so many families came--we could tell that this was going to be a big hit! With Mel and his family coming up from Mobile; Malcolm and his family also from Mobile, as well as others in the family; those coming down from Montgomery; Birmingham; and some from Pensacola, this proved to be just what everyone needed to reconnect and share their memories of family with each other. We hosted one at the Bolden Cardwell Hall of Evergreen First United Methodist Church over on Desplous Street; we hosted twice at Hampden Ridge United Methodist Church in the Hampden Ridge Community where our ancestors went to church and many are buried; we also hosted one at the old homestead on County Road 23. We had decided to include the children and grandchildren and all the allied families of the Ancestor: Charles W. Beasley & Thirza Northcutt Beasley--this included Mel and Charlene's parents: Charlie Samuel Beasley and Lillie Prinzillian Mellinger Beasley--so we had Beasleys, Barlows, Etheridges, Hendersons, Johnstons, Broxton, and in between the families that these folks had married into. We have met so many wonderful cousins in branches of the family that we knew nothing about. I've met many of them online, through research, whether their queries or mine. The Beasley Family migrated from NC to AL--and settled in Conecuh County way early--and it's been fun to discover all the connections to other Beasley families far and wide! I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photographs of our family reunions. The next reunion will be held once more at the Pritchett House the weekend of Mother's Day--we're going to celebrate our family once more.

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