Friday, February 15, 2013

February is a special month for me

The month of February, the second month of the year, a pretty special month for me: God chose this month for me to be born to special parents: Jones B. & Charlene (Beasley) Sasser on the 23rd in 1955. I enjoyed birthday parties at home with cousins and friends most of my growing up years--birthday cakes and singing the birthday song--cake and ice cream--punch--all precious memories. As I grew older, of course, the parties were fewer and cakes were less, as we did other things to have fun! Mama almost always baked my birthday cake, though, and even if that's a small thing--to me, I wish mama could make me a birthday cake this year! I miss my Mama being in the kitchen! She did love to cook once upon a time.

Then, I get married in 1973 about two months after my high school graduation--and it was nearly 6 years later, that we were blessed with an adorable little girl born on the 19th of February 1979. Jennifer Claire Johnston we named her, and she was indeed the apple of our eyes! She was the first grandchild for my parents and yes, they doted on her, and my mama still does! My two sisters spoiled her incredibly rotten and we allowed that, I think! She's a beautiful young woman today, a wonderful mother to two of the most precious grandsons I could ever imagine, sister to two incredibly smart siblings who we love dearly: Katie and Kyle, loving cousin to my sister's boys who came later: Josh, Jacob and Jared;  intelligent and smart and funny and a hard working young woman. Claire has always had goals and gone after them--excelling in her achievements in every direction. Daddy would be so proud of you, Claire, and he would have loved these wonderful boys! Can you imagine him taking them fishing!?! What fun! I try my best to have fun with them in his memory!
My parents: Charlene Beasley & Jones Branton Sasser wedded on 20 December 1947; Three daughters: Lillie Maureen b 1949; Sherrell Elaine b 1955; and Mary Janet b 1961.

Dewdrops in the garden remind me of the freshness of an early morning; all the exciting possibilities a day holds, much like a child: Imagine the places they will go!
The month wasn't always kind to me, and Valentine's Day has been my least favorite day of the year, but when I compare what I might have lost on a Valentine's Day so long ago to what I've gained from then since, I know that God has blessed me beyond comparison! I love knowing that Claire and I share our birthday month of February, as we do with others in our family and communities. It's a blessed month! Happy Birthday dear Claire! I hope you will have a wonderful birthday and even if I can't be there to celebrate it with you, my heart will be there!

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