Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let's Paddle!

One of my favorite pasttimes is taking a canoe out on the waters of our rivers and creeks here in Alabama--I would have never guessed that I would enjoy it so very much! But I do! Since doing history and genealogy and all the research of the places our ancestors lived, I enjoy getting to visit and explore them, if at all possible. Late last summer, a friend and I decided to put the canoe in on Pigeon Creek, and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Quite different than the Sepulga which I have done about three times now, and look forward to doing it again one day. It was so pretty that I kept forgetting to take photographs of the scenery! So, most of my photos are of the beginning of the trip down the creek! Come with me as we paddle down Pigeon Creek!
This view is of the creek at Lloyd's Mill--up the creek from where we actually put in at. The creek was incredibly low here and would have been terribly hard to negotiate, as more walking would have been done than paddling!

We walked into the woods from the old mill site to see how much depth there was to the creek here and once there, and seeing the numerous log jams, we knew we'd have to go in down the creek further.

This is the view as we started, we'd loaded the canoes, and set off, an wow, what a journey--didn't take as long as we thought it would to paddle down to the US84 Bridge.

This photo is also of the creek right by the old mill site. That in itself was an adventure that day!

You can see that this is where we put in and the front of the canoe, as we start our journey.


Ready to Paddle!

Our island