Thursday, August 6, 2015

Library Notes

Good Morning, this Thursday morning in August--or Hot August as I refer to it these days! I've been doing absolutely nothing while it's been so blame hot outdoors! I come in and literally melt on the sofa and read! I've currently been reading every Lisa Wingate book we have in the library! If you've not read any of her books, I urge you to do so! They are such good stories! I feel like I've been living at Moses Lake, Texas with her series about that community--a fictitious place, yes, but feels so real as you 'meet' all the characters! You can visit her on Facebook, read the blog called and enjoy seeing the additional authors that write books that will inspire you. I'm looking forward to a busy weekend, with some friends and family; we'll go exploring on Saturday, and have good fellowship at mealtimes together for the whole weekend! What fun! We all get to try out new recipes on each other, and see what we like! I'm thinking of trying out a crockpot meal of Lasagna! Since we often go exploring during the day on Saturday and eat at my house that night, I have to prepare something that either can cook all day and be ready promptly; or be easily prepared as soon as I return home after being gone all day. I enjoy finding meals that are easy to prepare ahead of time, and the crock pot is perfect for that--it can simmer all day long and then, be ready when we are! Sunday, I plan on being in church with my church family. We have a new pastor and I need to be in the congregation to meet and greet him, listen to him and just plain worship! I have been missing my church family--and have absolutely no excuse except laziness on my part for not being there with them! Wednesday, in honor of it being Hump Day, or the middle of the week, we had some fun! Two of our retired co-workers came back to visit! It was so funny watching them 'jump' when the phone rang--thought they were going to answer it for a second! They managed to stay in their seats, though! Ha Ha! We had cups of hot coffee, warm blueberry muffins with freshly made lemon curd! Hmm good! Exchanged news all the way around! What fun! Planning a trip in October to visit again! Looking forward to that!

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