Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday and I can see the Weekend!

Good Morning from a Thursday Morning here in Southern Alabama! Oh wow!! Did y'all feel that cool breeze that we had early this morning? A whopping 75 degrees!! Whoo EE!!! It felt so good! After triple digit temperatures for so many weeks now, that 75 felt like Christmas! Ha! Aren't you guys looking forward to cooler, fall like temps? I know I am--I love FALL the Best of ALL!!! Love decorating for fall around my gardens, and outside and inside of my home. I also like decorating around my office and inside the genealogy department in the fall. Going to be browsing the dirt roads for some corn stalks, and dried seed pods, old okra stalks, pretty branches, etc I am looking forward to getting a couple of Pocket Letters completed this weekend and start swapping with some folks! I think it will be lots of fun, and be something of a crafty nature that will be doable for me, since I am limited on time! Trying to get some stuff done on these computers here at work, backing up some crucial files, and locating some photographs I want to include on my blog! Gotta go back to work, so y'all have fun today!

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  1. Have a great weekend. I can't wait to see your Pocket Letters, I've never seen them before!