Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday, Mid-week

Good Morning--it's Wednesday--Hump Day or Mid-week, as I refer to it. It's like a day to measure the remainder of your week by..if your week started out on Sunday morning in church, like mine did--and on Monday morning was your work day, you get to that day, and think to yourself, how can I make this day special for others? I can be cheerful, bright-eyed, compassionate, thankful, considerate of others, forgiving, loving, trying to model my life as Christ would have me to; or I can be down in the mouth about every little thing that happens and just be miserable. I chose the first part--I chose to be cheerful, and is all about choices! So, by the second day of my work week, I am still trying to be cheerful and happy--which worked--as I kept busy doing things here at work, helping people solve their ancestral mysteries, connecting with folks through my blog, and checking on what was going on around me. Well, as if I need another project--or a 'to do' list! Ha Ha! I sincerely love scrapbooking and genealogy--they seem to go hand in hand to me--I used to enjoy crafting lots of different things-- and still do from time to time--but as time goes on, I find that I do better concentrating on one particular craft or idea--so I chose scrapbooking/stamping/genealogy and work on making my scrapbooks more visually pleasing to me. A friend of mine: Dorothy Crutchfield has this awesome blog--actually, she got me started blogging--and her blog is called HensRule. All the time, she's participating in these crafty swaps, getting fun, cute stuff handmade by her crafty fellow bloggers, and making me envious! This gal is so talented! We share a lot of loves, anything vintage, sweet dolls, books, plants, animals, you name it--must be why we worked so well together here in the library for so long! Ha! Anyway, on one of my blogs I follow, I saw where they were posting a Swap--and it was for Pocket Letters--never heard of such! After Googling it though, and checking it out on Pinterest? I am hooked! I can't wait to get started! I searched through my crafty stash last night for things I could use--never did find my 9 pocket vinyl holders! Guess that means I'll have to go buy some more--and keep them where I can locate them! I just love the idea of having pen pals--used to do that years ago--had one in India for a time being--that was fun to communicate with! Had one in England--and all over the USA. So, this is kind of like that, except you use your creative juices and make things to put in the little pockets, and fold it to fit in a legal sized envelope--mail it off and get one in return! I do like the sound of that--being a Postmaster's daughter, it's been sad to me to see that letter writing has become almost a thing of the past! I do enjoy the new media age--where you can chat and mail back and forth--but there is just 'something' about holding a letter that someone took time to write in your hand! You know? Plus, I can take my pocket letters I receive and place them in a three ring binder, where I can look at them often, use some of the items to make other crafts; and just enjoy getting to know other folks! I've already thought I might make one of two of these Pocket Letters for my Grandsons--thought they might enjoy them! I have thought of things that they might enjoy getting--some cute school stickers, supplies, a stick of gum, special stuff chosen just for them--and I don't expect a return from them in the form of a pocket letter, but if they did? I'd treasure it for certain! If you'd like to exchange a pocket letter with me, let me know! I'm game for it! Hope your Wednesday is extra-special!

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  1. It nice to see that you are excited about the swap...could you please email...thanks!