Friday, November 2, 2012

November & Christmas is coming!

Got a jump on Christmas last night, and Turkey Eatin isn't even here yet! Planning a "thirtyone" party with my friend, Jennifer Wright--and Open House where she can showcase her product--and we 'put up' her Christmas Tree! WoW! Pretty tree, three parts, and already lit, with snowy branches! all we had to do was put it together in the correct order! Ha! Easier said than done! It was pretty though, and should take a photo of it!
Trying to locate my Thanksgiving tablecloth and Memory Jar I always use at Thanksgiving--can't wait for the kids to all be at home at the same time! We have so much to be thankful for this year! Have found some wonderful ideas through Pinterest and my online blogging friends, to try for holiday decorating! Am eager to try the new ideas! And new recipes!
Need to decide for myself if I will purchase a living tree or cut tree this year--I've done an artificial tree the last few years; however, it was shedding so terribly last year, I gave it away! So, now, am back to 'no tree'! Uh Oh--that will never do! I have tons of Santa themed ornaments and always enjoy getting my 'old friends' out and remembering who gave what to me, or what occasion prompted buying or making this one and that one! It's like going down Memory Lane each and every Christmas as I attempt to decorate every room in the old Pritchett House for the Holidays! I usually start after Halloween and have several items except the tree done by the Friday after Thanksgiving! I get the tree up and going, and have so much fun doing that--I dunno about it this year--will have to just wait and see! There's just so many things I want to do and so very little time!

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