Thursday, November 15, 2012

A few of my favorite things

I had found these old Barbie Comic books stuck back in the closet--thought I'd share them with you. Having daughters who played with Barbie dolls, I have tons of paraphanalia that go along with Barbie--who knows, one day, they might need to send their kid to college, and they can sell all their Barbie stuff! Ha!

Of course, having three kids and lots of grandparents, aunts and such, we always had books for them to read---way before iPads/Pods/Kindles/Computers & phones! These tiny storybooks come in a little cardboard box and are precious! I love them!

When books are discarded at the library because they are old and worn-out, or torn or just being replaced with newer, fresher bindings, I try to keep an eye out for those to do with children and animals! This one is a favorite of mine, and I've read it to every child who will sit still long enough for me to share it with them! Sweet!

My bestie friend, Veronica Lambert, knows how much we share in our love for those who can't help themselves: animals. So, as an avid Barbie Doll collector, she gave me one! This one is all mine! The others are hand-me-downs from the girls, but I try to keep them all intact and together. This is the only one that has stayed in the original packaging and isn't allowed to be played with--though I've surely been tempted!

Thanksgiving Dinner is coming, and Barbie here is serving it up in style, don't you think?

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