Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Week

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving, despite the fact that my youngest two could not make it!! We missed them dreadfully! Can't wait till Christmas in just a few weeks, hopefully, they'll be joining us for that special family time! On Thanksgiving afternoon, both my sisters joined us, so we had my younger sister, her spouse and three sons; our older sister; our mother; my oldest daughter, her spouse and two sweet little grandsons for a sumptous Thanksgiving feast! We were so busy sampling all the goodies spread in the kitchen, we forgot to take photos! However, we did take some photos outdoors while a game of ball was played, and handprints were drawn on the Memory tablecloth we do every year! What fun! Alex's tiny handprint went on there this year, and young John got real creative with a colorful turkey handprint. I'll post a pic or two for ya'll!

John Kirby at 4 years

Alex at 7 months

We played and made such wonderful memories! Claire, Chris, John and baby Alex came over Friday evening to have some fun in the kitchen with Grandma--we had the ingredients for making Christmas Trees with Ice Cream Cones, frosting and trimmings! Even though Claire wasn't supposed to have any of the dairy product that was in the frosting, it sure was hard not to want to 'lick off the excess'! So, John and I did our best to help her out, and I'm sure that little boy was still on a sugar high when he attended his first ever Iron Bowl Game the next day in Tuscaloosa!

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