Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vintage Finds & Places of Inspiration

This is the opposite corner of my studio-that pie safe I've had forever! It holds my books and also my genealogy information, scrapbooks, and countless other things I use for research; the filing cabinet is mostly filled with genealogy info, and it sits atop an old coffee table to keep it up off the floor and also without breaking my back! The Quilt that is hanging on the wall was created by the late Virginia Smith Wilson, my children's great grandmother. She made it for when Claire, my eldest, was born in 1979. Bless her heart, she didn't get to live long enough to see the twins! The poster is a pride and joy as it pictures many talented craftsmen and women who make up the Black Belt--one in particular I loved dearly was the late Mrs. Kathryn Tucker Windham--and she signed it! I've been putting together a scrapbook of my own excursions, explorations; events and activities and it's a 'work in progress'! I covered a typical notebook with chintz cabbage rose fabric; and have placed all kinds of neat things in there--doing one for my GARDEN book too!
Will be posting some more photos of my home, and vintage finds, so hope you'll enjoy my tour!
These jugs were part of my heritage too--or some I've found!

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