Friday, November 30, 2012

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas, everywhere we look..

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and it tweaked my thinking cap--so found this sweet little snowman at home; brought him to enjoy Christmas in the Archives--and taking some of the tourist pamplets I promote for Heritage Tourism--created my own scenario...see what you think....

Then, going with the theme I've adopted for the Canebrake Oral History Series: A Window into Our Collective Past--Christmas Memories Shared: I chose a Christmas from my childhood in the 1950s era and decorated our pre-lit tree with red, silver and white ornaments; a paper garland made from my scrapbooking cardstock inventory; some silver ball garland and will find the star for the top.

Underneath the tree, I'm planning to place a red felt tree skirt; until then, I'm using a checkboard rug; a dolly in a crib; a blackboard; some go along with the lyrics to the most popular Christmas song: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas. I created a songsheet with part of the lyrics--will borrow a pair of skates and always can find a book, especially in a library.

If you're in the 'neighborhood' of our library, would love for you to drop in over the Christmas Season--enjoy the trees that will be found from the top to the bottom; the garlands of joy we've spread from end to end; and perhaps pick up a book for reading; an audio tape or book on CD for your listening pleasure; check out the archives for some family research to share with your kith and kin during the holidays; or just visit with us--we'd love to have you spend Christmas with us. You might enjoy our little Christmas Village.

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