Thursday, November 8, 2012

This is my creative space--where I can be inspired by my family, friends, and things I love to do! The old library catalog holds all kinds of wonderful treats for scrapbooking; and arts & crafts; the old changing table has been around the block several times, used for baby changing and when the grandbabies aren't here, it's used for holding fabric that is waiting to be turned into something fun! The sewing machine was a gift from my creative buddy, Diane Sosebee; it was her sister's machine. The bookshelf is sitting on top of my old drafting table that my Dad refinished years ago--it was in a dumpster in bits and pieces--was lovingly restored, and it's so much fun to use! The button jar is my mom's and it's filled with inspiration too! My idea board is overflowing with ideas! The quilt scrap is one of my grandmother's quilting scraps; my scissors holder I purchased some 20 years or more ago at a craft fair; my books--oh, the books I have!

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  1. Oh, your craft room turned out great! I like the changing table!