Thursday, November 8, 2012

Old Farmhouse Feelings

My old house was built circa 1910-1913--so it's at least or almost 100 years old! It needs a lot of TLC and hard work, and I try very hard to provide both. Would love to win one of those 'complete renovation/restoration' awards--like HGTV or TLC Channel does from time to time--but until then, I just scrounge by! Thought some of you might enjoy looking at the photographs I've taken of the different rooms--the house has always been known as The Pritchett House; and I've actually entertained the thought of one day turning it into a quaint B & B with a Genealogy Twist! Since that's what I do! It's still rumbling around in my head, and heart! When my genealogy pals come to town, if I have room, I do offer them to stay! The front of the home looks out on Belleview Avenue--that would have faced the lane to the courthouse back in the day. W.E.B.J. Pritchett and his wife, Minner lived there, and then, some of the Pritchett descendants; the Cannon girls and boys; but it was always owned by the Pritchett family till my parents bought the home to keep it from being torn down and four substandard homes being built on the lot that stretched from Liberty Hill Drive/AL83 to Belleview Avenue. The rear of the home is located on Liberty Hill Drive, a busy four lane today, but it was just a lane when this home was built--actually, the 'real' street was Belleview (and it was still dirt track when the home was constructed) and the woods behind it would become a busy four-lane highway much later. By the time I was born, circa 1955, the two lane was already busy and then, the interstate came along, and it got even busier as the main traffic corridor between I-65 and Downtown. Mr. Pritchett was a Blacksmith, I believe, and probably walked to work up near the old courthouse. Today, I still do a fair amount of walking back and forth. It's convenient to town; but if you want to go toward the eateries at the interstate, I suggest driving!
Take a gander with me through my home:
This is the rear of my home--where the driveway is located, and my wonderful screened in porch that I spend a huge amount of time on--as you can see, the huge lawn at the back was a wonderful stopping place for the 'pink flamingos'! Ha!

Garden flag on screened in porch always bring joy to my heart!

My kitchen, with an original painting by Sharron Sellers Owens, a Conecuh native, living in Monroe County with her own Art Studio! I love my sunflower painting!

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